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I’m a writer of fiction and music journalism. I was born and raised in Stockport, near Manchester in the UK. I’m 37 years old and I live in Germany.

Short story publications
Magazines: Storgy (here), Open Pen (here), Selcouth Station (here) and Cabinet of Heed (here).
Printed collections: Retreat West collection (here) and Audio Arcadia collection (here).
Other: Longlist for the InkTears contest (here) and website for Obliterati Press (here).

Novel in progress
My first novel, Cutting Contest, is now complete and ready for submission to agents. It’s a contemporary upmarket fiction about a dry-humoured and hot-tempered young trombone player on the brink of professional and financial ruin. She snatches a spot in a sponsored jazz showdown where six musicians tour Europe and battle for attention on social media. Can she defeat her rivals to win the cash prize, turn her fortunes around – and finally earn the respect she craves from her despairing mother?

Journalism publications
Jazz journalism: Jazz Journal (here), The New York City Jazz Record (here), Jazz in Europe (here), All About Jazz (here), Free Jazz Collective (here), Jazz Journalists Association (here).

You can contact me via email: mattybannond [at]

My Twitter handle is @mattybannond

About the Author

Matty Bannond

I’m a writer of fiction, as well as music and sports journalism. I was born and grew up in Stockport, which is close to Manchester, UK. I’m 36 years old and I live in Germany.

At the moment, most of my energy is directed towards writing a novel.