Short Story Published in New Collection

My short story, At Once in Harmony and Discord, has been published in a book of new fiction. I wrote the story for a close friend of mine, who sadly died a couple of years ago. It explores the balance between control and freedom in our lives: You can watch me read a passage from the story here…

The book is called An Eclectic Mix Volume 7. You can buy it on Lulu here and on Amazon here. Please let me know what you think, either in the comments section on this page or by reaching out to me on Twitter (@mattybannond).


When one of my best friends died in her late twenties, it was different. I had been deeply upset when my grandparents died, but my mind had been able to process it somehow – it was their turn, a wounding rite of passage that was inescapable, natural. Death out of turn, against the rules, felt torturously unfair. Mourning my friend, helping to carry her coffin at the funeral, failing to manage the choking wretchedness of it. These defining moments of pain made everything different. Continue reading